Horizen technology blueprint
We designed the Zen Academy to be the go-to place for education on blockchain, cryptocurrency, and online privacy. It doesn't matter if you are interested in learning about the topics out of curiosity or need to learn about them because your company is exploring blockchain technology. No matter your comfort level or interest: this project is for you. If you prefer reading locally, you can download the entire Advanced Level as a pdf document here.
What is a Blockchain?

In the first chapter of this section, we talk about how blockchains store transactions, why this allows you to transfer value, and what smart contracts are.

How Does a Blockchain Work?

Next, we will bring you up to speed on the different elements that make blockchains work.


In order to receive and send cryptocurrencies you will use a wallet. In the third chapter we will show you the different types of wallets.


After we covered wallets, the interfaces you use to create transactions, we will take a closer look at what transactions are and how they work.


While most cryptocurrencies are not private by default, you have the option to create truly private transactions. This chapter introduces the different methods that achieve privacy on the blockchain.


Blockchains are a secure way to store data but there are ways to attack a blockchain. We show you the most common attacks and how their risk is mitigated.


We end the Advanced Level of the Technology section with a summary of all the previous chapters.