What is Horizen?

Horizen is pioneering a new layer in the modular blockchain stack, focusing on ZK proofs verification and settlement, dramatically reducing costs and improving efficiency for rollups.

The Mission

Horizen's mission is to redefine the security and cost structure of next-generation blockchains by decoupling settlement from other core functions and segmenting the existing settlement layer even further into two distinct blockchains. In the new system, Proof Verification is segregated from the rest of the settlement layer.

Proof Verification

Proof Verification attests to the *validity* of zk-rollup transactions that are happening off-chain.

The proofs generated by zk-rollups are validated via a smart contract on their host chain, and with a modular and composable Proof Verification Layer, ZK rollups can replace the computationally expensive ZK validity proof verification on Ethereum with a more efficient system, Horizen.

The Process

Generating proofs of batches of transactions from zk-rollups

Submitting the proof to the host chain

Verifying the proof and adding the verified proof to a block on the host chain

The Problem

But as blockchains grow, proof verification becomes more costly. Current blockchains, like Ethereum, are congested due to high demand, and inefficiently verify proofs, thus leading to high and volatile costs.

Modularized Process Without Compromises

Horizen rethinks proof verification by modularizing this process. Our new blockchain dedicated to proof verification streamlines and reduces costs, while being designed to easily integrate and work alongside existing blockchains.

Reducing costs by 91%

Horizen lowers the cost of verifying ZK-proofs up to 91%, translating into direct savings for rollups and their users.

Welcome to the Horizen Proof Verification Layer!

How it works

The Horizen Proof Verification Chain is a blockchain that will have the sole purpose of verifying proofs from multiple blockchains (of different stacks) and creating attestations, which can be finalized on any settlement layer. This allows it to collapse the cost of proof verification and make it more consistent and predictable.

What this means

Horizen allows modular blockchain networks to offload computationally intensive and expensive proof verification functionality and focus on their core purpose.

Technical Overview

Please visit our documentation hub to learn more about how the Horizen Proof Verification Chain will work. Explore the Proof Submission Interface, the Attestation Mechanism, the Proof Verification Smart Contract, and more!





How $ZEN is Used in the Horizen Proof Varification Network

$ZEN's Integral Role in Horizen's Proof Verification Ecosystem.

Proofs submitted from zk-rollups to Horizen Proof Verification (HPV) chain necessitate $ZEN for gas payment, but remains a requisite. $ZEN is the payment currency for transactions on the HPV chain, staking, and gas payments on EON. Liquidity, spanning $ZEN or other tokens, enjoys unrestricted movement between zk-rollups settling on Horizen Settlement Layer and EON. Settlement on Horizen Settlement Layer is executed with $ZEN. Ethereum (ETH) is required for attestation of proofs verified by the HPV chain on the Ethereum network.

Looking to the Roadmap Ahead

The Horizen Ecosystem is constantly evolving, check out our roadmap to follow our exciting journey from Proof Verification Chain testnet and mainnet, to Settlement Chain testnet and mainnet, and more!

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