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Horizen 2023 Milestones

Horizen EON EVM Sidechain

Scalable, Efficient and Easy

Powered by Horizen, EON is a fully EVM-compatible sidechain and smart contract platform built with massive scalability in mind.

Q1 Dune Testnet
Q2 Gobi Testnet
Q3 Mainnet

Cobalt Wallet

EVM-Compatible Wallet

Cobalt is the web extension wallet that's optimized for the Horizen ecosystem and any EVM-compatible chain.

Q3 EVM Compatibility
Q4 Mainchain Support


ZEN DAO enables community governance, promoting transparency, accountability, and security within the Horizen ecosystem.

Q3 Testnet
Q4 Mainnet

Cryptography-Enabled Features

Advance research into cryptographic hashes and enable cryptographic integrations into consumer and developer applications.

Roadmap for 2023


  • Horizen's EVM-compatible sidechain and smart contract platform
    • Dune testnet (Invite-only. Meant to battle test the technology)
    • Yuma testnet (open, updated mainchain software)
  • EON status dashboard and dapps page
  • EON testnet and mainnet block explorer
  • Developer friendly documentation for EON
  • Peer-to-peer trading research and development
  • Smart contract / dapp research and prioritization


  • Intra-ecosystem, secure token bridging research
  • Horizen 2.0 research and strategy
  • EON-sidechain developer integrations and partnerships planning and outreach
  • Horizen product design library
  • ZenIP Drafts
    • Intra-ecosystem, secure token bridging
    • Non-ceasing sidechains


  • Cobalt EVM compatibility research and development
  • Horizen testnet faucet
  • Multi-signature wallet implementation and deployment
  • DAO / voting tools


  • Poseidon 2.0 paper published
  • Hydra paper published


  • Horizen’s EVM-compatible sidechain and smart contract platform
    • Gobi testnet (open beta, will run parallel to mainnet sidechain)
    • EON mainnet preparation
  • EON improvements and optimizations
  • EON block explorer improvements and optimizations
  • Developer documentation optimizations, updates and additions


  • Intra-ecosystem, secure token bridging development and testing
  • Intra-ecosystem, secure NFT bridging research


  • Cobalt EVM compatibility implementation, testing, and deployment
  • Private voting research and development


  • Zero-knowledge tools planning and prototyping
  • Zero-knowledge API planning and prototyping


  • Bridges
  • Oracles
  • Swaps
  • Indexers
  • Developer Tools
  • Wallets
  • Validator node partnerships


  • Community developer funding programs
  • Bug bounty program
  • Further community support partnerships


  • Horizen 2.0 whitepaper
  • Horizen 2.0 prototyping
  • Node-as-a-service exploration for EON
  • Cross chain transfer protocol as a product for increased interoperability with other SDKs
  • Horizen Global kickoff
  • Sidechain-to-sidechain base messaging deployment and testing
  • Sidechain-to-sidechain token transfer design
  • Horizen DAO launch
  • EON mainnet faucet


  • Zero-knowledge tools phase 2
  • Zero-knowledge API phase 2
  • On-chain cryptography product deployment
  • Crypto product hackathons
  • Cryptography Research
    • Enabling the creation and usage of group signatures
    • Enabling private voting
    • Adding the ability to issue credentials to users in EON


  • Scalability solutions (e.g. L2s)
  • Development kit integrations
  • DeFi infrastructure
  • NFT infrastructure
  • DAO infrastructure
  • Additional user tool integrations
  • User safety infrastructure and integrations


    Previous Roadmaps


    Sidechain Development

    • Blaze SDK compatibility with a new proving system design and improvement
    • zkAudit PoC launch
    • ZEN core software upgrade to optimize sidechain support


    TokenMint on Testnet

    • Tokenization platform TokenMint on public testnet
      • TokenMint explorer
      • Token generator
    • Web wallet Cobalt launch
    • Horizen EVM sidechain first prototype
    • EVM performance testing with non-ceasable EVM sidechain proposed for added security


    TokenMint on Mainnet

    • Tokenization platform TokenMint on Mainnet
      • TokenMint explorer
      • Token generator
    • TokenMint NFT support on testnet
    • First Horizen NFT - Zero Gravity
    • Cobalt wallet new upgrades with multi-token support
    • First Horizen Ecosystem Summit - ZenCon0 in Milan
    • ZEN core software upgrade


    EVM Sidechain Development

    • EVM platform demo
    • EVM platform on internal testnet
    • EVM documentation library
    • Mainchain and sidechain test token faucet
    • Cobalt wallet upgrades with built-in test token faucet

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