EVM-compatible Sidechain & Smart Contract Platform isLIVE ON MAINNET
Zero-Knowledge Enabled
Network of Blockchains

Reliable, Scalable, Secure, Powerful

Horizen is powered by the most robust and secure public infrastructure enhanced with multiple security layers.

Horizen’s distributed node system ensures the <b>scalability</b>, <b>reliability</b>, <b>security</b>, and <b>speed</b> of its network. Horizen is also secured by an improved consensus with enhanced protection against 51% attacks.

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A fully EVM-compatible sidechain and smart contracting platform

Easily integrate your Ethereum-based dapps
User friendly, streamlined deployment process
Quickly access Horizen’s fast growing ecosystem
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Use the most powerful cross-chain protocol to build your blockchain

Horizen’s cross-chain protocol, Zendoo, is designed for developers to build blockchains and applications that solve today’s real-world problems with the flexibility to capture tomorrow’s opportunities.

Permissionless & fully decentralized

Powered by the Horizen blockchain to leverage the security of a robust PoW public blockchain with the largest distributed node network ensuring maximum reliability and resilience.

Auditable transparency with privacy

Zero-knowledge enabled cross-chain protocol allowing auditable AND privacy-preserving blockchains - bridging a major gap for real-world adoption.

Flexible with customizable crypto-economy

All-in-one SDKs with a modular design allow developers to efficiently deploy fully customized private or public blockchains that meet their specific needs.

Enjoy complete
design freedom

Best-in-class developer toolkits enable you to fully customize your blockchain with scalability and flexibility unmatched by others.

Choose your consensus
Customize your crypto economics
Set your speed
Own your privacy
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Secure the world’s transition to Web3

Enterprise-grade blockchains and web3 products, built for the real-world

Leading innovation of blockchain

Horizen works with the world’s best R&D organizations and industry leaders to continuously innovate and optimize web3.

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