Brand Kit

Horizen Brand Guidelines

The power of the Horizen brand relies on the consistent use of the brand guidelines throughout all communications regardless of medium.

The following brand guidelines serve as a guide to ensure that the Horizen team, community members and other stakeholders are consistent in representing the project’s messaging, positioning, and visual identity.

Brand Name

Please avoid capitalization of a part of the name or use different font weights.
Use sentence case or all caps.






Please use as provided.
Do not edit, re-create, or apply filters to any of our brand assets.

Clear Space

Please incorporate a “clear space” equal to “H” around the logo and in size of the middle circle around the logo mark.

Clear space with tagline
Clear space symbol


Official Horizen Typeface

Typography Proxima Nova

Free Alternative Typeface

Typography Figtree


Deep dark blue


Intelligent navy blue


Freedom sky blue


Robust bright green


Horizen Products

Logo collection for your favourite Horizen products.

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