Knowledge for Everybody

The content we have prepared for you is available in two difficulty levels: Advanced and Expert level.

Advanced Advanced Expert Expert
If you have a general understanding of what cryptocurrencies are and how blockchain works but want to know about it in more detail, we have an Advanced Level for you. If you are familiar with the technical aspects of blockchain but want to learn about specific features and are not afraid by seeing a mathematical formula or code snippet then the Expert Level will be your best choice.
  • Technical terms are introduced
  • 8 - 15 min per article
  • Technical terms used frequently
  • 10 - 20 min per article

If you are reading an article and you feel overwhelmed, you can move down one level and read about it in a more succinct way and with less technical language. If you feel the article you are reading is not telling you anything new, move up one level and find a more in-depth explanation of the same content.

Our Structure

The general structure of our content is the same throughout all levels. You will find the same chapters from Advanced to Expert level. The higher the level, the more articles you will find in each chapter. We dedicate entire articles to concepts that we mention as side notes in the earlier levels. This allows you to toggle in between levels if you find the content to complex or too trivial.

The articles are designed so you can read them in order or individually. If you want to get the whole picture, we recommend reading from the beginning to the end. If you just care about a specific concept that you are researching feel free to read individual articles.