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Platform For Building Blockchains

Everything you need to custom-build private or public blockchains and dapps that solve today’s real-world challenges with flexibility to capture tomorrow’s opportunities.


A zk-SNARK enabled verifiable cross-chain transfer protocol

Powering a privacy-preserving and fully decentralized network of blockchains with massive throughput and scalability

Completely decentralized without relying on 3rd party validators
Zendoo is decentralized in all its components, and decentralization provides resilience and reliability to the network.
  • Fueled by a highly-adopted cryptocurrency, ZEN.
  • Supported by the largest node infrastructure for maximum resilience and reliability.
  • Equipped with zk-SNARKs, Zendoo allows cross-chain verifiable transactions without relying on any 3rd party validator, enabling a truly scalable ecosystem that maximizes throughput and maintains low transaction fees.
Fully programmable with flexibility unmatched by others
Auditable transparency
Massive throughput without compromising decentralization

The Zendoo

Zendoo is designed with a novel sidechain construction tailored to be compatible with the Horizen blockchain, but it can also be adapted for other blockchain systems. It conducts secure and decentralized cross-chain communications without requiring the mainchain to track a sidechain to verify them.

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Cross-Chain Transfer Protocol (CCTP)

CCTP determines how assets can be transferred between mainchain and sidechain. All sidechains employ the same unified CCTP, which is known by the mainchain.

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ZEN is the native cryptocurrency of Horizen. It is a PoW, equihash-based, and mineable cryptocurrency. It is available on most major exchanges.

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Independent blockchains of different use cases
  • Consensus agnostic
  • Massive throughput
  • Customizable crypto-economy
  • Auditable and privacy-preserving
  • Fully decentralized
  • Supports high-speed
Horizen public blockchain providing a robust infrastructure and security
  • Enhanced by the largest node network
  • 100% reliability with no down time
  • Massive computational power
  • Maximum security with enhanced protection against 51% attacks

Zendoo SDKs

Best-in-class toolkits to custom build a blockchain that meets your specific needs

Horizen SDKs are your all-in-one toolkit to custom build a blockchain for any use case.

They remove significant development complexity and allow you to focus only on the specific business logic and product features.

Choose from two SDKs depending on your project needs.

Massive throughput globally
Blazingly fast
ZK privacy tools
Customizable crypto-economy
Highly decentralized
10M TPS global
Fully decentralized
20K TPS global

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