Cryptocurrency: ZEN

ZEN is the native cryptocurrency of Horizen. Its optional privacy feature allows you to control your digital footprint.


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ZEN offers two different types of addresses:

Regular addresses for making transactions similar to bitcoin. These transactions are public and transparent on the blockchain
Also known as shielded addresses, transactions between z-addresses are completely private and anonymous. They leverage zero-knowledge cryptography to obscure sender and recipient addresses, as well as the amount sent.

Balances in shielded addresses are private, however, any regular addresses on the receiving end will deshield the token and reveal the value received on the blockchain.
Get ZENZEN is available to purchase on most major cryptocurrency exchanges.
Store ZENChoose from a wide range of wallets and applications to store and manage your ZEN.
Earn ZENEarn ZEN by running incentivised nodes or contributing hashpower to the Horizen network.
Free ZENGet free ZEN every day from Horizen Faucet.

Merchant Directory

ZEN is connected to many crypto-payment providers and is constantly adding more, so people can plug into the economy and use ZEN to purchase goods and services with privacy.

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