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Forger Nodes for Horizen EON

Forger nodes help to increase the security and decentralization of the EON Network, Horizen’s EMV-compatible sidechain. To become an EON Forger, a user must lock a certain amount of coins. The higher the amount staked, the greater the chances of being able to create (forge) a block.

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CPU Core count
Min: 4 - Recommended: 8
Min: 2.5 GHz - Recommended: 3.0+ GHz
Min: 16 GB - Recommended: 32 GB
Min: 64 GB - Recommended: 512 GB
Min: 250 Megabit - Recommended: 500+ Megabit
[ See full list of requirements ]

Super Nodes

0 Active Super Nodes

Super Nodes bring major improvements to the Horizen ecosystem that enable a sidechain platform for an unlimited amount of blockchains and dapps. They also allow tracking and payment of Secure Nodes to be moved on-chain or in protocol.

Earn 10% of the block reward
Required ZEN
Stake 500 ZEN per node in a transparent address
Processor and Memory
8GB of RAM or More
96% Reliability
Keep the node up and running at least 96% of the time
Multiple CPU Cores
To achieve challenge times under 100 seconds
Storage Capacity
100GB of storage capacity or more not including OS and main blockchain
[ See full list of requirements ]

Regular Full Nodes

Not incentivized
All public blockchains require full nodes
  • They are typically wallets running an instance of Horizen’s core software
  • They hold an up to date copy of the blockchain
  • They are contactable via IP address with the correct open (default: 9033)

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