A secure and easy-to-use web extension wallet for the Horizen cross-chain ecosystem

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Securely store and manage tokens

  • Generate and restore wallets

  • Supports Horizen’s native cryptocurrency ZEN and Horizen sidechain fungible tokens and NFTs

  • Show account balances and transaction history


Easily access apps and services

  • Generate and mint new tokens

  • Built-in integration with Horizen’s test token faucet

  • Direct access to Horizen sidechains


User friendly

  • Simple and elegant user interface

  • Intuitive user flow

  • Available on your favorite web browser

Unleash the Power of Horizen with Cobalt

Cobalt wallet is your gateway to the Horizen ecosystem. Trustworthy, reliable and built to easily manage your assets, Cobalt wallet is the perfect choice for anyone looking to fully participate in the Horizen ecosystem.

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