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The Super Node network enables sidechaining and platform applications. This was a major improvement to the system that moved the project well beyond a simple cryptocurrency.

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Like Secure Nodes, the Super Node network has enhanced point-to-point encryption. Super Nodes are tasked with managing key network and system functions such as hosting multiple services on sidechains, tracking and measuring Secure Node uptime, and queuing the node payment schedule for miners.



500 ZEN

In transparent address per Super Node


RAM Memory

8GB of RAM memory or more


96% Reliability

Keep the node up and running at least 96% of the time

CPU Cores

Mulitiple CPU Cores

To achieve less than 100 second challenge times

Hard drive

Storage Capacity

100 GB of storage capacity or more

Visit our support system for full Super Node Requirements

Super Nodes bring two major improvements to the Horizen ecosystem:


They allow tracking and payment of Secure Nodes to be moved on-chain, or in protocol, which is a major change from the current management which is done via external server clusters.


They provide the required infrastructure to implement Sidechaining which moved Horizen from a pure cryptocurrency to an application ready platform upon which an unbounded set of services can be built.

interconnected nodes

The value proposition of the system then becomes more than the utility of the currency, it becomes the utility of all future services that will be layered onto the Horizen infrastructure.

By operating a Super Node, operators will receive an equal share of 10% of the block rewards providing they meet the acceptance criteria. Our target Super Node count is between 2,000-2,500 and our target Secure node count is between 20,000-25,000. Major deviations from those numbers could induce future payout or staking adjustments.

10% of the block reward

You don't need 500 ZEN to run a Horizen node - SECURE NODES

Horizen Secure Nodes enable one of the most secure, distributed, and reliable network to the Horizen ecosystem by providing end-to-end encryption - the first to market!


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