Sobre Horizen

Horizen is the most secure interoperable blockchain ecosystem supported
by the largest and most decentralized multi-tiered node infrastructure in the industry.

Horizen's sidechain platform focuses on scalable data privacy and enables businesses and
developers to custom build their own public or private blockchains using its unique sidechain
technology, Zendoo.

Horizen mission

Ensuring data integrity and privacy freedom by enabling real-world use cases with the most secure interoperable blockchain ecosystem.

Nuestra tecnología


Una plataforma de privacidad construida sobre la tecnología zk-SNARK y un arquitectura descentralizada de múltiples capas de nodos.


ZEN es la primer criptomoneda con encriptación de punta a punta completa para poder proteger la comunicación entre los nodos.


Uno de los sistemas más grandes y distribuidos de nodos en el mercado.


El modelo desacoplado de la cadena lateral va a permitir customizar su lógica y poder programarlo en múltiples lenguajes de programación.

Sustainable Ecosystem

At Horizen, we seek to empower people and bring the world together through technology and economic incentives to generate a robust and sustainable ecosystem.
Sustainable Ecosystem

Products & Services

Research & Development Focus

We consider it a priority to contribute to the broader blockchain ecosystem and body of knowledge. We have multiple active R&D projects in the pipeline with many more planned:
Decentralized Autonomous Organization Treasury Study
Decentralized Autonomous Organization Treasury Study
Scalability Study
Scalability Study
Privacy Study
Privacy Study

Transparency and Fairness

Our goal is to decentralize the decision-making processes for resource allocation and other substantive changes to the system.

The Horizen Improvement Proposal System (ZenIP) standardizes the process for suggesting major changes to the Horizen codebase and protocols. This is a key element of transparent, collaborative, and stable governance. Bringing other organizations into our ecosystem, extending decision-making authority to collaborative processes, like ZenIPs, and ultimately implementing a democratic system where every ZEN holder is a voter.


At Horizen, we believe in and practice Responsible Privacy™

  1. Responsible Privacy™ means we offer you a choice of the privacy you would like to exercise in your activities connected to the Horizen platform. You can choose complete privacy for things like payments to friends and family. Or you can share your information with only certain people, like financial information for a mortgage. You can even let your data be public for things like yearly charitable donations.
  2. We believe everyone has the right to privacy. That’s why we educate about and provide access to privacy. The more that people understand and value privacy, the more it will be properly used and respected.
  3. We don’t condone or encourage criminal activity on our platform and believe privacy is an individual choice that should be used for the good and improvement of society and not for activities that could cause harm.
  4. Private means private. Horizen does not have access to any identifying information when shielded addresses are used.

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