The Proof Verification Network
for Fast and Affordable Settlement

Horizen is becoming the latest component of the modular blockchain stack
making settlement faster and more affordable than ever before.

The modular settlement layer tailored for the multi-chain world

Horizen redefines the blockchain infrastructure, enabling Layer 2 platforms to scale effectively and sustainably in the competitive Web3 ecosystem.

Horizen reduces proof verification costs by:


This would have saved ZK Rollups $42.8 Million in 2023

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A fully EVM-compatible sidechain and smart contracting platform

Easily integrate your Ethereum-based dapps
User friendly, streamlined deployment process
Quickly access Horizen’s fast growing ecosystem

A New Horizen for Developers

Modular Efficiency
Horizen redefines blockchain efficiency by decoupling proof verification from settlement. This modular architecture ensures each layer excels in its role, offering you a system where performance meets precision.
Dependable Performance
Specialized chains deliver consistent outcomes. Free from the constraints and volatility of multi-purpose chains, Horizen delivers consistent and reliable performance to Layer 2 platforms, streamlining your operations.
Developer-Centric Design
Designed with your workflow at its core, Horizen provides a clear, developer-friendly environment. Integrate and deploy with ease, focusing on innovation rather than infrastructure complexities.
Strategic Collaboration
Horizen amplifies your platform's capabilities through seamless integration. We provide a symbiotic framework that complements and enhances your Layer 2 solution's efficiency and cost profile.
Scalable Infrastructure
Cost reduction is just the start. Horizen offers a scalable foundation engineered to adapt to the evolving needs of Layer 2 platforms, ensuring your projects remain at the forefront of the Web3 revolution.

Horizen Ecosystem


The EVM-compatible scalable smart contracting platform


The proof verification network for faster and more affordable settlement


The ZK-powered interoperability protocol

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