Secure Nodes

Horizen Secure Nodes have established one of the most secure, distributed, and resilient networks, powering the Horizen ecosystem and offering enhanced privacy as the first to market end-to-end encrypted blockchain network.

Be rewarded for contributing to decentralization & privacy!

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The Secure Node network is integral to Horizen. At inception, the Horizen founders identified the following potential weaknesses in blockchain infrastructure:

  • Security, privacy, and integrity of communication between nodes
  • Preventing access to blockchain technology via censorship
  • Blockchain network (node) resilience

Horizen Secure Nodes employ specific enhancements, over and above a standard blockchain node infrastructure, in order to overcome these weaknesses and do not function like a standardized node or masternode.


Fully end-to-end encrypted communication between Secure Nodes, providing enhanced security, privacy, and integrity

Censorship Resistance

Encrypted communications prevent the differentiation of Secure Node network traffic from standard encrypted communications e.g. connecting to a secure (https) website


Aligned with the "power in numbers" principle, a dedicated reward pool (10% of the block reward) is provided as an incentive to Secure Node operators to run a Secure Node and maintain compliance. This reward increases the number of Secure Nodes on the network, further increasing resilience and decentralization.

Secure Nodes


42 ZEN

In transparent address per node

Processor and Memory

To meet a computational challenge run on a server

92% Reliability

Keep the node up and running at least 92% of the time

TLS Certificate

Valid, non-expired and maintained, from a trusted Certificate Authority

Horizen Blockchain

Maintain and propagate a full copy

Visit our support system for full Secure Node Requirements

Something even more powerful - SUPER NODES

The Super Node network introduces sidechaining and platform applications. This is a major improvement to the system that moves the project well beyond a simple cryptocurrency.

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