Horizen For Defi

The Future of Finance is Decentralized

Scalable, Decentralized, Customizable Unmatched by Any Other Platforms.

Horizen’s platform, Zendoo, enables businesses and developers to build their own private or public blockchains with scalability, flexibility and efficiency. It is the first fully decentralized and customizable sidechain protocol on the market.

Horizen’s Zendoo platform

Lightning fast transactions and ultra low fee tradings
Bespoke sidechains backed by PoS consensus offer lightning fast transactions with ultra low fee ZEN tradings.
Fully Customizable to meet any real-world needs
Fully customizable Full control to create custom sidechain logic - enabling the next generation of DeFi products and services.
Flexible incentive structures
Developers can decide their own incentive model enabling scalable product revenue.
Privacy functionality baked-in
Offering the needed level of privacy to financial products.

Other DeFi Solutions

Slow and expensive transactions
Primarily built on congested networks - transactions often slow and very expensive (>$10 for token swaps that take >10 mins).
Limited customizations
No control over the core protocol - logic only customizable at an application level
No incentive options for developers
Create and sell new tokens to generate revenue often the only way
Lack of privacy functionality
Unable to satisfy real-world business needs on chain; forced to rely on off-chain solutions to handle sensitive information (lending docs, insurance settlements, etc).


The Horizen chain and community is one of the oldest in crypto. It also has more nodes than any other chain, making it a great foundation for true decentralization. We are excited to work together to build transparency and enhanced utility for the CeFi and DeFi communities.

Alex Mashinsky
Co-founder and CEO of Celsius Network
Defi Application Use Cases
  • Crypto lending and borrowing
  • Asset management
  • Insurance
  • Tokenization apps
  • Decentralized exchanges


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